Margie | Everlasting Dried Flower Bouquet

Margie | Everlasting Dried Flower Bouquet
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Margie is an exquisite, everlasting dried flower bouquet that is crafted for somebody special. Perfect for any occasion - be it for a birthday, house warming, or simply to show your affection - Margie is a beautiful tribute of love and appreciation. With an inviting collection of Australian natives, Margie is a low-fuss, long-lasting floral arrangement that is free from pollen, meaning you can admire it without fear of allergies. Preserved flowers don’t need water, so keep Margie away from moisture and direct heating to ensure the colors last as long as possible. To clean, simply use a hairdryer on a cool setting to blow away any dust. With special care and protection, Margie can last up to five years or more, so you can continue to showcase her beauty for years to come. Let Margie take your special occasion to the next level with her stunning display - order yours today!

Width 40cm

Height 45cm 

All measurements are an approximation depending on the size of the blooms used.  We will try our hardest to match the image.

Dried and preserved florals are low-fuss and long-lasting, plus they are pollen-free, so you can enjoy them without the threat of allergies. 

Preserved flowers do not need water, please keep them away from moisture and direct heating. Keep them out of the full sun as it may cause colour fade.  To clean them, simply use a hair dryer on cool setting to blow away the dust.  Preserved flowers can last up to 5 years and more if looked after carefully.

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